2020 Covid Adjustments:

This page will review the current adjustments that Mahre Training Center and Deer Valley will be making to the 2020/2021 camps to do everything we can to meet current Covid-19 restrictions. Keeping our campers, coaches and staff safe is our top priority.

As we all know by now, these restrictions are subject to change and revision at any point in time.  We will update this page if and when anything changes.

When you check in on the first morning of camp:

1. There will be basket check available.  However, it will be for shoes and small items ONLY.  No boot bags or other large items.  Please arrive prepared to ski, only storing shoes, if anything, in the basket check.  Leave other items in your car or at your accommodations.  No overnight storage is available for the basket check.

2. You will be entering Snow Park Lodge through the front near the Stein Ericksen statue.  You will be met and given your credentials for the week and then directed upstairs to the Edgar's Lounge where we will meet at 8 am.  Masks are required.  We will have our 1st morning welcome meeting, reviewing the schedule, updates, camp history and other housekeeping items.  No coaches will be at this meeting due to the capacity of the meeting room.

 Deer Valley Face Mask and Covering Guidelines:

While on Deer Valley property, masks or face coverings are required when waiting in line, interacting with Deer Valley Staff, riding, loading and unloading chairlifts, in outdoor common areas when physical distancing is not possible and at all times indoors (unless actively eating or drinking while seated at a table).  Please note:  As per a Summit County Public Health Order, single layer face coverings that can be seen through (such as neck gaiters) and face coverings with two-way valves are not approved.  N-95 or KN-95 masks with valves are approved for medical use only.  N-95 and KN-95 masks with valves should not be used by the general public.  Both of these face covering types have been found to provide inadequate COVID-19 prevention in national studies.

Guest unwilling to comply with the Summit County Order and Deer Valley Guidelines will be asked to leave Deer Valley property.

3.  We are not able to do the normal breakfast buffet.  We are working on a breakfast bag, however you may want to eat prior to arriving.  The Deer Valley lodges are on a reservation system for all meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4.  After the morning meeting we will move outside and meet coaches and break into our groups at the base of the Carpenter Lift.  Each subsequent morning you will meet your group and coach outside, at the base of the Carpenter lift.

5.  The small group skiing/drills will take place nearly like normal, however remember that masks are required in lift lines, loading, riding and unloading lifts and anytime you are unable to socially distance.

6.  Lunches:  We will not be able to have all groups eat lunch in one spot. Campers may make reservations in one of the lodges or get grab and go items from the outside tents.  There will be a phone app for reservations.  Your coach will be able to help you with this.  Campers will have access to the Northside room to eat their grab and go lunches.  

7.Video:  We will still do video.  There will be three well spaced stations in the Northside room in the Snow Park Lodge to review video. Masks are required.  Physical distancing will also be required.

8.  Photos: This is still being discussed as to options to do this safely. 

9.  Lectures:  We will be holding the tech and equipment lecture together.  If you are a returning camper and have heard the talks several times, we ask that perhaps you skip the lectures this year and allow the new campers to attend to keep the group smaller. Again, masks will be required.  We will give out the camp gift at this time, so even if you're not attending the lecture, you'll need to stop by and pick up your gift.

10.  We are still working on the details as to if we will be able to have an end of camp gathering.

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