Get to know Phil & Steve

Being better known for our accomplishments on the slopes, we felt it would be nice for you to get to know us; where we came from and what we enjoy in the offseason.

On the ranch with Dad:


Born in Yakima in the spring of 1957 and shortly thereafter moving to Ellensburg, Washington,where our father was an orchardist, we were destined to be great apple farmers.  However, about 5 years later the tractor we're sitting on would be driven into the irrigation ditch by the two of us.  We also took it upon ourselves to help with the chores, one day "pruning" about 20 trees down to knee high.  With help like that, our father accepted the mountain manager's position at White Pass.  

Oh the joy of those long planks with the turned up ends!


Growing up the middle children in a family of nine kids, we were always trying to keep up.  We started skiing at age 5, competing at age 8.  Success came quickly as we were very competitive with each other and pushed each other to go faster.  Being named to the US Ski Team at the ages of 15 and 16 fueled the determination to reach our goal of representing the US at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck.

The Mahre Family-


 Being two of nine children in a close knit family, we learned the value of hard work and developed a passion for the mountains from our father.  This photo was taken on a lift tower at the summit of White Pass Ski Area with Mt. Rainier in the background.  This was our stomping grounds as we grew up.  When we were young we would chase our older siblings and their friends around the mountain, which made us ski faster, and making skiing like walking to us, abilities that would help us in our future racing career.

Olympic Medalists:


It was a thrill and an honor to represent our country at different skiing competitions throughout our careers.  Our goals were to be better skiers tomorrow than we were today.  We had some sayings over the years--"Keep it in the family", "if I don't win, you better", and " be nice to the people on the way up, they are the same ones you'll see on the way down".  With that philosophy and lots of hard work, we competed on 3 Olympic and World Championship teams, winning medals on both.

The Dog and Pony Show:


After being away from competitve sports for several years, there was a void that needed to be filled.  Race cars fit the bill.  With the goal of competing and winning the SCCA Trans-Am series, we attended the Bob Boundarant School of Driving in the fall of 1988.  We have raced Trans-Am, Grand-Am, Formula Sports 2000 and now in an endurance road racing series called Lucky Dog Racing.  Once a racer, always a racer!

Phil and Steve today:

Now in the winter, when we're not at the Mahre Training Center, or doing other corporate outings, we are teaching grandkids how to ski,  or playing hockey on Phil's lake and enjoying time with family.  In the off season we enjoy, of course the car racing, but also water skiing, and otherwise playing on the water,  dirt biking, mountain biking, hiking and some occassional traveling. We've both built our own homes, and continue to work on them with updates, landscaping, and remodels.

Steve on his mountain bike
Mile 8 Lake
Hockey on the lake
Steve with his grandson
Fun on the water!