Word of mouth brings many new skiing camp participants each year as skiers hear from previous participants how the Mahre Training Center's program improved their skiing techniques. 

It is amazing to behold Steve and Phil Mahre’s genuine interest in helping people enjoy the sport of skiing. They obviously still love skiing and pass that love on through their encouraging others to ski to the best of their ability.

Six years ago, I read an article in USA Today about the Mahre Training Camp, went home and booked a camp and have returned every year since. The Mahre camp is obviously enjoyed by skiers of all skill levels and ages.  Although I have skied off and on since I was 18 years old, now at 68, I am skiing better and enjoying it more than ever.

The camaraderie among fellow skiers abounds at the Mahre camp. Sometimes, I head to Utah by myself to the Mahre camp, but have had the opportunity to meet and get to know new, interesting friends from all over the world.  The Mahre camp would be worth it at any price, but, in fact is a tremendous bargain.

                                                                                                    Jack O'Rourke


After nearly 40 years of skiing, I had heard all kinds of instruction, much of it contradictory. Equipment has changed radically in the past 15 years, making much of the early instruction I received outmoded and outdated anyway. Having reached a reasonable level of skiing ability, but feeling uncomfortable on more difficult parts of the mountain, I signed up for the Mahre five day ski camp, figuring that Olympic medal winner brothers Phil and Steve had put their name on the camp and would perhaps make an appearance during the week. What I didn't expect was a team of coaches hand-picked by the pair, or to have the Mahres themselves skiing alongside me making comments and critique designed to help me improve, or to have lunch each day with the coaches, the Mahres, and a group of like minded skiers. I didn't expect a coach:student ratio close to that of a private lesson. And I certainly didn't expect Phil and Steve to know all of us by name by the end of the week. But that's what we got, for a price barely more than the cost of the lift tickets. 

At most schools I've attended, the coaches always watch the clock. When it's time for them to finish, we're all done for the day. At the Mahre camp, the coaches were done skiing when we were done skiing, usually right up to the last lift up the mountain. We skied all five days, from the moment the lifts opened until their closing, pausing only to watch a video of our skiing or to eat lunch on the mountain. The week was fast-paced, exhausting, and exhilarating. This is not the sort of thing where everyone goes out for drinks and a party after the end of the day. For the most part, we all went back to our rooms after dinner and slept soundly until the next morning. By the end of the week, we had learned a good deal about ourselves and each other. And we were better skiers as well. 

I wish I had the superlatives that I'd like to use to describe the camp; the week was very much an ideal experience, a feeling I shared with the other participants. What surprised me at the start of the week was how many campers had attended the camp before. By the end of the week, there I was, asking when the camp was going to be held next year. I plan to be among the first to sign up, so the only real question is whether I want to go in December or January! 


                                                                                                   Stuart Gitlow, MD



I am a multi-year returnee to Deer Valley (D.V.) and the Mahre Training Center Ski Camp (M.T.C). I have participated 6 of 9 years at the M.T.C. Using the ski drills that made the
Mahre brothers Olympic/World Cup champions, combined with the elite D.V. instructional staff and the #1 rated D.V. mountain and hospitality, Steve and Phil have produced the best clinic I have participated in during my 50+ years on skis. The M.T.C has kept me in sync with modern ski techniques.

It's the best ski tool you can find. Do yourself a favor, sign up now!

                                                                                          Mark Higgins, Los Gatos, Calif.




"Despite many lessons at major East Coast resorts, I was trapped in the intermediate rut and my husband couldn't control his speed. In a desperate last attempt, we decided to try a Mahre Camp before we gave up on the sport. After just one 5-day camp, our skills improved and the joy returned. We've come back 13 consecutive years since that first camp and each year we experience new breakthroughs and reignite the passion. The Mahre's instruction sequence is deceptively simple. Their coaches are clear communicators and visual role models. There are no words to describe the personal attention. The friendships you forge are priceless. We're looking forward to our 15th camp and excited the program is being reinvented at Deer Valley."

                                                                                         Gene, Chesterland, OH 




"Phil and Steve Mahre are Olympians in the truest sense of the word: they are out there every minute of every day of the camp, modeling not only the most incredible ski technique but attitude and challenge that are individualized for each participant. They get to know you; they pinpoint your ski style; they design your personal program for improvement. There is a planned progression, whether you are a "never-ever" or a racer or a recreational skier. We return, year after year, to notch it up a level. Phil and Steve and their team of caring, skilled and communicative professional instructors make sure that you leave their camp a better skier. The Mahre Training Center tagline says it all: To ski your best, learn from the best!"


                                                                                       George & Marla Coleman,

                                                                                        Long Island, NY 




"Having attended more than a dozen Mahre Training Centers over the years, I can say two things:

1) Learn to Ski the Mahre way and you'll be skiing when you are 80!

2) It's fun as noted in my picture."

                                                                                      John Sanders, Silverthorne, CO